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Harbeth loudspeakers C7ES-3 XD
  • Harbeth loudspeakers C7ES-3 XD

    Harbeth speakers – basic neutrality and natural tonal balance


    Harbeth loudspeakers C7ES-3 XD

    Harbeth speakers – basic neutrality and natural tonal balance




    The token of clarity and detail

    Permit thrilling music minutes to spring up at the solace of your home with the multi-grant winning, medium-sized C7ES-3 XD speaker. Acclaimed for its precise three-dimensional sound, this cabinet will dazzle even the most strict requests of an audiophile.

    The Harbeth Speakers mystery for instigating precision and similar sound is the fastidious meticulousness during the planning stage. Basically significant, however, covered up, is the hybrid, which cautiously incorporates the drive units over a more extensive level and vertical circular segment. Gradual changes to this crucial segment have permitted this unbelievable Harbeth speaker to give the most testing instruments expanded presence and straightforwardness.

    No other loudspeaker imparts the passionate intensity of the specialists so expressively.

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    4 reviews for Harbeth loudspeakers C7ES-3 XD

    • “Co-hosting all these Brit-fi podcasts with Brian Hunter on The Occasional Podcast has whetted my appetite for BBC monitors.

      Lately, we’ve been fixating primarily on the LS3/5a. Still, I can’t tell you how excited I am to host this pair of Harbeth C7ES-3 XD monitors in my review system, especially after many years without significant seat time with one of my favourite loudspeaker brands of all time.”

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    • “If you are familiar with Harbeth, its illustrious history, and its BBC heritage, you’ll already know that the speakers are designed to have as little mass as possible, because it is precisely this lack of mass that contributes to their unique sound.”

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    • “It’s very appropriate that the Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 XD speakers are distributed in this country by Audio Magic because these are magic-sounding speakers indeed!”

      Review Australian Hi-Fi

    • Steve Guttenberg lends an ear to the new Harbeth C7 XD speaker, what a beauty!      

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