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NEW in Australia!

Audio Magic is bringing the Rogers of England distinguishable quality for the first time in Australia. Rogers has been internationally synonymous with quality audio equipment since 1947. The founder, Jim Rogers, through his inspiration and inventive ideas, produced a sequence of consistently improved and refined products.


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This year, Rogers is relaunching some recognisable, legendary products as well as some new ones.

Already in our hands, the celebrated LS3/5A is available for an audition in our showroom! The other two products, LS5/9 speakers and the E20A integrated amplifier, are COMING SOON!

Bringing the products above to the Australia market, Rogers will set the standards for a new generation of audiophiles and music lovers, introductory, in the largest country in Oceania – Australia.

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Where to buy

Hey Now HiFi

Level 2 Suite 2.02/ 22 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda, VIC 3182

03 9525 0022

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