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Titanic Audio’s moving
coil cartridges



Handmade in
Northern Ireland

Titanic Audio is the very definition of exquisite hand-made craftsmanship, born in the very heart of Belfast. Bearing the iconic name, Titanic, we not only stand as a symbol of Northern Ireland manufacturing, but also hold the same revolutionary philosophies that were once true, and have reimagined what that can be to the Hi-Fi industry.

Titanic audio cartridges are one of the best for high-quality reproduction sound.


The journey
so far!

Titanic Audio was created out of pure passion for analogue sound. The first analogue cartridge was created in 1925, and it has paved the way of high end sound ever since. In a world where most products have a sell by date, and technologies are outdated in an instant, vinyl has never lost its way.

The phono cartridge is the key element to getting a truly focused and lifelike sound from your vinyl. While the technique of how we transfer the sound from vinyl to our ears may have changed drastically over the years, we felt the technology of cartridge design was falling by the way side.

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Where to buy

Krispy Audio

3/19-23 Turner Rd, Berowra Heights, NSW 2082

02 8006 4666

Hey Now HiFi

Level 2 Suite 2.02/ 22 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda, Vic, 3182

03 9525 0022

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