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Lumin L2 Music Library & Network Switch Review @ Audiophile Style

Audiophile Style reviewer and editor Chris Connaker also known as editor of Computer Audiophile since 2007, had a Lumin L2 Music Library & Network Switch in his reference system for a review.

Chris awarded Lumin L2 with Audiophile Style CASH Suggested Hardware award.

"The Lumin L2 music library and network switch is the component you didn’t know you needed (if you’re a geek) and the component you’ve been waiting for if you’re more of a music listener than a digital mechanic."

"Listening to music in an all-Lumin system from L2 through to the A1 and D3 was flawless and sounded really great. Gapless high resolution, multi-room playback, and zero configuration to get it all going was just sweet."


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