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Bergmann Galder-Odin Signature

Bergmann Galder-Odin Signature

20 October 2022

We are very proud to launch the new Galder-Odin Signature.

It is 5 years since we launched the well-known classic Galder & Odin, which, from the beginning, has won great acclaim – for design, technology, craftsmanship, ease of use, and, not least the sonic qualities.

The classic Galder and Odin will continue in the Bergmann product line for many years. But we decided to follow up on this success with the new Galder-Odin Signature to push the performance even further.

With the new Galder-Odin Signature, we have taken this system to a new sonic level.

Vital parts are made of solid stainless steel. Such as the 36kg platter, the clamp, and the unique adjustable Galder feet (further developed).

We have improved the Odin tonearm for additional strength and stiffness, as well as even easier adjustment of the VTA and overhang. We have developed a libelled tool that makes it quite easy to adjust the air pipe levelling.

Galder-Odin Signature comes with a more powerful air supply to lift the dramatically heavier platter. And the easily operated vacuum hold-down is integrated as usual, on the turntable.

With the new Galder-Odin Signature, we achieve more depth and weight in the low frequencies. The transparency is dramatically improved, and the full sound image has become even more vivid.

To complete the design, we have added additional items in steel, such as push buttons, the Bergmann logo plate.

The plinth is painted in a Black Velvet finish, which matches the semi-shiny honed stainless steel parts perfectly.

Galder-Odin Signature. A performer. Forever.

Danish design – produced in Denmark

I know we will have the question: – can the classic Galder or Odin be “upgraded”? And the answer is that only the classic Odin tonearm can be upgraded with the features from Odin Signature.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting your comments on the Galder-Odin Signature.

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