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The Absolute Sound - September 2023 - Harbeth C7ES-3 XD Review

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

In September 2023 edition of The Absolute Sound magazine, senior reviewer Paul Seydor takes the pair of Harbeth's Compact C7ES-3 XD to his reference system for longterm detail listening.

Some of the his observations read quite impressive:

There is no doubt reviewer Paul Seydor finds Harbeth Compact C7ES-3 XD to be the reference compact loudspeaker: "Without quite realising it, within at most, I’d say, a minute or so, I found myself easing back into a more relaxed position as a big smile appeared on my face. Man, this is one beautiful sounding speaker system—right out of the box, sans any of the usual warmup or break-in. "

"Those more experienced, knowledgeable, and sophisticated in audiophile terms, who listened longer or returned on other days with other source material, observed that this listenability is not at the expense of such usual desirable characteristics as detail, resolution, clarity, and transparency, nor did they find any shortage of involvement, definition, vitality, rich colours and textures, rhythmic drive, and dynamic range."

Read the full review on The Absolute Sound

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