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Hana Umami Blue review

RRP 4,250 AUD

Hana Umami Blue MC Cartridge review by experienced HiFi reviewer Robert H. Levi at Positive Feedback.

“This is one quiet cartridge with literally some of the lowest noise and hum. I was able to boost the volume without playing the cartridge to nearly full volume without noise or hum. The Blue demonstrates extraordinary construction and attention to detail near the top of the heap of great moving coil designs.”

“The Blue is very linear from top to bottom, with a complete absence of any specific frequency emphasis. An honest and neutral cartridge, it had virtually no signature of its own as I played very different LPs.”

“The midrange performance of the Blue was outstanding and neutral with a bullet. Every reference LP I played just sang with its unique sonic signature and vibe. When an LP was delicious and mellifluous, so was the Blue. When the LP was exacting and closely mic'd, so was the Blue. When the LP was bombastic and powerful, so was the Blue. It performed as well as cartridges costing significantly more, with excellent definition. It only yielded some textural shading within instrumental and vocal images to more expensive designs. The Blue was so satisfying, I often forgot about reviewing and just listened for enjoyment.”

"The Blue is an imaging champion. It yielded tight, well-defined, and realistic images without fail. This is near cutting-edge cartridge performance from a high-value Hana offering, a true sonic Sweetheart."

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