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Finite Elemente Signature MKII review @ LP International magazine

In LP International magazine, Editor in Chief reviewer Holger Barske takes the Finite Elemente Signature MKII hi-fi rack to his reference system for long term detail listening.

" ...a very interesting resonator technology is used, effectively dampening surface vibrations, similar to enormous free-swinging suspended masses that dampen the urge to move in modern skyscrapers.."

"...the Signature MKII series shelves are far from plain boards. The manufacturer calls the astonishing light decks "HCCT device levels", which means "Honeycomb Compound Technology". This means, in practice, that there is a honeycomb structure in the core, which offers very high stability despite a high air content."

"The relatively simple Anniversary Rega turntable does the trick to show how much more air fits between Thelonious Monk and his collaborators, how much better you can guess where on stage Alvin Lee and his men were standing during the recording of "Recorded Live" - quite impressive."

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