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Aqua Acoustic Quality La Diva M2 CD Transport review

Introducing "La Diva M2" – Aqua Acoustic Quality's unadulterated CD masterpiece. This CD transport epitomizes Aqua's prowess in the digital realm, designed with a single-minded devotion to extract the utmost performance from those familiar polycarbonate discs. It's a high-calibre disc spinner, leaving no room for compromise.

The La Diva M2 has been meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with Aqua's renowned resistor ladder-based digital-to-analog converters, creating a harmonious synergy of digital precision. In an age where 'old-is-new-again' trends revive the likes of reel-to-reel tapes and the nostalgic yet occasionally flawed cassette, not to mention the resurgent vinyl scene, the CD is experiencing a comeback of its own.

Enter the timely arrival of the La Diva M2 CD Transport, a captivating reinvention of the tried-and-true four-decade-old laser reading technology. This is CD's triumphant resurgence, and the La Diva M2 is here to lead the way

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