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HANA ML MC Cartridge Nude Diamond Microline stylus : Low Output

HANA ML MC Cartridge Nude Diamond Microline stylus : Low Output

HANA – M Series Deluxe Model MC Cartridges


HANA ML MC Cartridge Nude Diamond Microline stylus : Low Output

HANA – M Series Deluxe Model MC Cartridges



During the past several years, the HANA E and S Series moving the coil cartridges have achieved universal recognition for the world-class analogue music reproduction at an incredibly reasonable price.

With its special Japanese character and meaning, Hana brand moving coil cartridges manufactured by Excel Sound delivers the most striking performance for vinyl music lovers and audiophiles.

Specialised improves the price/quality ratio, with manufactured parts designed for maximum performance and consistency. Excel Sound manufactures all the major parts, producing affordable cartridges with excellent sound quality.

Excel’s experienced craftsmen skillfully hand assemble all the parts into an excellent finished product, producing the consistently “Brilliant and Gorgeous” HANA sound.

This HANA sound comes from superb design, engineering excellence and 50 years of experience by Masao Okada-san, the Excel Sound cartridge design Master.

Developed upon the foundation of the critically acclaimed HANA sound, Audio Magic introduces the new “M” Series deluxe model moving the coil cartridge. Available in high and low output versions, this evolutionary new class-leading model continues the HANA tradition by featuring higher specification parts, cutting-edge materials, unique technical treatment and superior mechanical interface. The body is injection moulded from Delrin©, a high-tech polymer with improved mechanical characteristics for better resonance damping, to reveal more low-level information and enhance dynamic range.

It is also worth to be mentioned that very high-purity copper wire is used for winding the M Series moving coils, offering greater clarity of sound for the low output ML models. The ML features a new low impedance generator for optimised performance with a broader range of phono preamps.

Finally, the entire range of M-series uses a Nude Microline stylus, representing the cutting stylus and fitting more precisely into the vinyl groove. This enhances tracking to capture the most subtle musical details with better frequency reproduction, stereo imaging, and resolution.


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3 reviews for HANA ML MC Cartridge Nude Diamond Microline stylus : Low Output

  • “Hana is a specialist Japanese cartridge manufacturer that’s really been making waves of late. Its stock-in-trade is high-performance moving coils that don’t break the bank..”

    Hana ML Review Stereonet

  • “The Hana ML has a micro-line tip profile and a low output, this tip shape is said to more closely match that on the cutting head of a vinyl mastering lathe and therefore should offer greater accuracy of detail retrieval.”

    Hana ML Review The Ear

  • “A small, Japanese expert brand making high performance moving coil cartridges is always halfway to the stuff of legend, but the fact these cartridges do not cost a small fortune helps cement that reputation firmly.”

    Hana ML review HiFi+