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We are pleased to share this great news of the AMP-23R winning Tone Audio Magazine ”Product of the Year“ Award!

The AMP-23R is also on the cover of the latest issue with such wonderful words like:

“Every now and then, something comes along that completely redefines the parameters for what you expect from a component.”

“The level of sheer sound quality that the Amp-23R delivers is what you might expect to hear from a stack of separates costing ten times as much, or even more. And we don’t normally engage in that kind of banter. However, it’s true.”

“If you have high-sensitivity speakers, you‘ll be in heaven, especially if you really don’t want to mess with tubes, and even those of you with modestly efficient speakers that don’t need to raise the roof will still be amazed at the sonic benefits of the Amp-23R. Oh yeah, it has a killer built-in headphone amp too, which some other reviewers claim is worth the price for that alone.”

Thank you for your love and support in helping us achieve all these beautiful things together. We wish you and yours a very happy holiday season!


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