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Tellurium Q Ultra Black II power cable review by

Chris Kelly from the had the Tellurium Q Ultra Black II power cable for review. He awarded Tellurium Q Ultra Black II power cable with five stars!

"I have also visited company owner Geoff Merrigan at his development and testing suite, and have been always been impressed by his hospitality, his modesty and his incredibly meticulous attention to every detail from design concept to manufacturing technique and quality control. He is a materials scientist by training, so for him this venture is an opportunity to broaden his knowledge with every iteration of cable that is developed."

"I then switched in the Ultra Black II and was almost pinned into my listening chair. Without changing the volume setting on the K135 the whole thing seemed to have got louder, with an additional level of heft to John Entwistle’s already thunderous bass and Keith Moon’s drum kit. For a record made more than half a century ago I felt that I was in a live concert setting, it was really that immersive."

"By now you will be able to hazard a good guess at what happened. Switching from standard to Ultra Black II cabling from the wall socket had the most dramatic effect of all. My goodness what a glorious sound burst forth from the T6s."

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