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Tellurium Q Blue II Cables

Tellurium Q Blue II Cables

6 December 2021

I don’t review all that many cables or cable looms, I tend to find what I like and stick with that, but the chatter about the Tellurium Q Blue II got a fabulous review and Outstanding Product award from Janine way back in October of 2020 and so I thought I’d get in touch with Geoff Merrigan at the Somerset UK-based company to see if I could procure a set, more out of being curious a to what all the palaver on social media was about with regards to this relatively modestly-priced set of cables.

The prices are £111 for a terminated set of 3m loudspeaker cables with metre lengths of XLR and RCA interconnects coming in at £235 and £180 respectively. Now that, in the grand scheme of things is not a lot of money when we are discussing audio cables, but it is a substantial outlay to get on the first rungs of the cable ladder – for those interested prices for cables in the rarefied audiophile world can run into thousands for a metre of cable.

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