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Rogers AB3a Subwoofer

Rogers AB3a Subwoofer

28 November 2021

At the back of each AB3a, beneath a Tygan grille held in place magnetically, are two woofers like the ‘re-imagined’ B110s in Rogers’ current LS3/5As. The enclosure is sealed, whereas the original AB1 was ported. Below the woofers can be found four rotaries for adjusting the phase (0° -180° ), high- and low-level gain and low-pass filter frequency (40Hz-240Hz). These steps are undertaken by ear, but the manual is lucid, so the listener is guided into setting each for peak performance. With judicious listening, some music with clean, rich bass, and a friend to fiddle with the knobs while you sit in the hot seat, you can optimise the low-frequency alignment for ideal room placement.

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