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LUMIN U2 review

RRP 7,400 AUD

Another win for LUMIN and fantastic review of LUMIN U2 Streaming Transport by experienced HiFi reviewer WOJCIECH PACUŁA at High Fidelity.

“I would compare the way Lumin shapes the sound to what is done with vinyl records played using a high-class, but warm-sounding turntable.”

“It was extremely atmospheric, dense, nice sound. And I think that's the main feature of U2's sound. Bass, space, tangibility - it's all true. But they are not important themselves, but rather what they do. Just like with DSD files ripped from Jazz at the Pawnshop SACD. Although the same SACD disc played with the Ayon had greater depth and more clearly shaped bodies, it was the U2 that played this exceptional material more pleasantly, in a, how to say it, polished way.”

“U2 plays in such an internally complex way, offering comfort incomparable to any other audio device, opening an almost infinite world of recordings to us through streaming services, that I understand people who will choose Lumin forgetting about silver discs.

U2 will give them warmth, give them depth, give them fullness.”

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