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LUMIN L2 Music library & Network switch review by High Fidelity

Updated: Jan 25

Just published a fantastic review of LUMIN L2 Music library & Network switch by experienced HiFi reviewer WOJCIECH PACUŁA at High Fidelity from Poland.

"Lumin records everything in a strict time regime, which is why the recordings with it are so clean and precise. When we forget about the artifactual - as it turns out - warmth, we start to hear more, not just more clearly, and music is reproduced more fully, not just more accurately. It would seem that these are cosmetic changes, but in fact, they are corrections at an absolutely basic level. This is the level on which everything else is built."

"The difference was clear from the very beginning, but the belief in the correctness of this solution grew over time until there was no going back. Hence, formulating a conclusion in this form was simple: a) L2 works best as a NAS/LAN system and b) it is really, really good at what it does."

"Now the resolution has been filled. What's more, it even seemed that the speed of signal increase in this configuration was even faster and the dynamics were more noticeable."

( translated by Google Translate, not perfect but close enough )

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