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LUMIN L2 - Available Now!

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Introducing the LUMIN L2 :

Redefining Music Storage and Playback

Over the last 12 months, LUMIN has released its T3, U2 & U2 Mini with massive success. Not standing still, the L2 was launched at the High-End show in Munich in May and is a unique 2-in-1 box that combines a network music server and network switch into a single aluminium enclosure.

LUMIN L2 is more than just a music server; the company boasts “it's a revelation in simplicity, flexibility, and audio excellence”. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. With zero configuration required, you can effortlessly add music to the L2 via USB or over the network, and it serves all your added music automatically. LUMIN's bespoke server software, tailored for LUMIN owners, guarantees rock-solid stability, rich tag support, and compatibility with high-resolution PCM/DSD formats.

Enjoy pristine audio quality with complete isolation from network noise, thanks to the L2's fiber network capabilities.

The L2 is available in three configurations: without drives, with 4TB, or with 8TB capacity, ensuring you have the right solution for your music collection. The L2 is also UPnP (Openhome) compatible, supports USB 3.0 Micro type B for computer connection, offers SMB support for network transfers, and boasts Gigabit Ethernet for lightning-fast data transmission.

The LUMIN L2 is available now and sells in Australia (from) $5,400 RRP.

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