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LUMIN D3 Network Player review @ U-AUDIO Taiwan

Wen ‧ Lin Jiu from the U-AUDIO Taiwan had the LUMIN D3 Network Player for a review.



"Lumin D3 supports all types of serial transmission modes, including UPnP, Roon Ready, Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, etc. are among the support, that is, you can easily play music through D3 with the app you are used to. Or you can also use the interface-friendly and powerful Lumin app, which can also support Tidal, Qobuz and TuneIn, and can assist you with all the setup functions. "

" A major advantage of D3 is that the sound is clear and clean, the gloss is meticulous, and the brightness is moderate. It can properly show the tone texture of the original musical instrument, making the music sound more tasteful. "


" At the moment of some passionate music, or slamming the keys, D3 not only shows a smooth dynamic and sharp contrast, but also has a satisfactory sense of shape and weight of the piano particles, it can be said that everything is up. "

( translated by Google Translate, Google engine does the job translating the whole web page!)


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