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Harbeth Nelson® review @ magazine

Read the first published review of the innovative Harbeth Nelson® bass extender + stand solution by EDUARD CODDE from Dutch magazine.


"We've always called the Harbeth Nelson a 'subwoofer column' up until here, but its greatest quality is that it isn't really that. It manifests itself as a civilized additional bass driver serving the bookshelf speaker placed above it. And that makes the Harbeth Nelson a friend to embrace for music lovers who strive for quality reproduction."


"The Harbeth Nelson is not there brutally hammering, but adds a pleasant musical low end. This is what the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 1 in F-Sharp Op. 1 Allegro Vivace / Yuja Wang even more power and allure."


"Although it was mainly about the Harbeth Nelson, we can't help but give the Harbeth P3ESR XD a big compliment. This is a gem of a compact speaker! And yes, he will certainly gain if he can combine it with the Nelson."

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