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Enleum AMP-23R - TM Favorite Gear of 2023

Michael Lavorgna of Twittering Machines picks Enleum AMP-23R as one of his favourites of 2023 !

Twittering Machines Favorite Gear of 2023

"In hifi, experience matters most. Not mine, not some other reviewer’s, not some guy on a forum or rabid commentor but our own experience matters most and reigns supreme when it comes to the enjoyment of music. At best, I hope to act as a guide, a curator of sorts, to help narrow, or expand, your field of interest."

"Here we have a list of gear that I enjoyed mostest this year. And they all share one thing in common—the ability to act as part of a system that transforms recorded music into pure experience, a noble undertaking if ever there was one."

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