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Enleum AMP-23R review

RRP 11,000 AUD

“One of the things I love about the Enleum AMP-23R is the way it looks coupled with the way it feels. Beautifully crafted and proportioned, the AMP-23R’s height to width ratio is skewed higher than most, lending it an air of elevated elegance.”

“Harmonic rightness is something I feel, I imagine most people do, as much a something I hear and the AMP-23R gets tone and portrays music in full bloom, so that familiar sounding instruments simply sound, and feel, right. Complete.”

“There’s also a sweetness to the Enleum’s way with music, with sounds having an inner light, that inner glow that we’re used to hearing from tube-based amplification that I find inviting and engaging in the best possible way. I would attribute this aspect of the AMP-23R’s performance to its design”

Read more about the AMP-23R from Michael Lavorgna at

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