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Enleum AMP-23R Integrated Amplifier review @ TONE magazine

Experienced HiFi reviewer Jeff Dorgey in his review for TONE magazine concludes Enleum AMP-23R Integrated Amplifier deserves to sit on the same shelf with the world's finest gear

"Female vocal lovers just might think they are listening to an SET, because of the sheer delicacy this amplifier portrays reproducing the human voice. Whether I was listening to Chrissie Hynde, Christine Mc Vie, or Christina Aguilera, every subtle nuance of their voices came through with spectacular feel."

"Transient response is also excellent, with no sense of fog, cloudiness, or overhang. Drum heavy music (take your pick) is refreshingly open and punchy. This contributes heavily to a complete lack of fatigue when listening for hours on end. Finally, the sound field created is immense in all three directions, yet the AMP-23R allows music to scale up and down with ease, and it sounds fantastic at very low volume levels as well. "

"The AMP-23R does everything right. No make that perfectly. In the couple of months that it's been here, it's literally a freak out every time we use it. And it's been so much fun to have audiophile buddies visit with the AMP-23R playing on top of a rack full of massive gear and walk up to turn the level up on this tiny box. Surprise all around, and that's a great thing."

"... with the level of musical information that the Enleum AMP-23R reveals, there isn't a set of speakers under $100k a pair I wouldn't connect it to. And it's a killer headphone amplifier too."

"Using the Focal Utopia 2022 phones for reference, listening again shows off just how musical and resolving the AMP-23R is. Theoretically, you could buy this amplifier for headphone use only and still feel like you got a good deal."

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