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Copland Introduces CSA70 Integrated Amplifier

Copland Introduces CSA70 Integrated Amplifier

10 November 2021

Said to be created for the “dedicated music lover”, the CSA70 is the first integrated amp in the brand’s lineup not employing valves in the line stage, unlike its bigger CSA100/CSA150 siblings. The CSA70 preamplifier section uses a solid-state architecture that the company boasts “with vanishingly low distortion.”

Copland Audio’s new CSA70 offers four digital inputs (1 x coaxial SP/DIF, 2 x Optical SP/DIF, 1 x USB 24/192), three analogue RCA inputs, line out function, as well as pre-out terminal, and a front-facing 6.3mm headphone output. For the vinyl enthusiast, they’ve also thoughtfully included a Moving Magnet phono preamplifier.

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