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Copland CTA407 Review - Hi-Fi News

Copland CTA407 got the OUTSTANDING PRODUCT award from the Editor and reviewer Mark Craven !

Some of the Mark Craven's impressions:


"I won't call the CTA407 the little engine that I could, as it's not little, but the power on offer here, and the weight and drive brought to music, is impressive. This isn't a model destined solely for easy- to-drive, high-sensitivity speakers, and ti combines its punch and scale of sound with believable tones, rich bass, and smooth highs that don't mask fine detail. The Copland CTA407's performance is as luxurious as its fascia is smart."

"The appeal of the CTA407 also lies in its delicacy, and ability to render all manner of instruments in a lifelike manner. I was struck by the detail of the bass line, but more so by the rich texture and open sound of the piano chords. "

"Copland's new CTA407 is worthy of its top-flight status within the boutique brand's catalogue. It's operationally slick, beautifully finished and sounds. for want of a better word, lush - smooth, natural and refined, but powerful and dynamic too."

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Where to experience Copland CTA407 in Australia

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