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Copland CTA407 Review by Lyd & Bilde International

Lasse Svendsen from the Nordic’s largest Hi-Fi test and product reviews magazine Lyd & Bilde had the Copland's latest and greatest CTA407 Tube Integrated Amplifier for review. He awarded CTA407 with "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" High End badge and five stars!

"The four output valves are paired, one pair for each channel, and work in a push-pull configuration. Together they are capable of delivering more than 100 W of power per channel, but Ole Møller has deliberately chosen to reduce the power to 50 W per channel by increasing the bias current of the tubes in a class A/AB configuration, where the valves operate in class A with a higher power than normal for an AB configuration."

"It’s the amplifier’s clever bias circuit that makes it possible to switch valves from KT88 to KT150 without being an electronics engineer. If you either need to change valves because the old ones are wearing out or want to test how the KT150 changes the sound, simply switch off the power, remove the cover and insert the new valves."

"When the amplifier has sufficiently warmed up, this is indicated on the LED panel. It takes a few more minutes before the sound is fully balanced, but then you are presented with an enormously large, rich and, not least, dynamic soundstage. It delivers bass notes with an authority normally associated with much more powerful transistor amplifiers."

"The soundstage leans towards a pleasant warm glow, which in my opinion fits the music perfectly. Vocals get more warmth and instruments get more depth. It’s hard to resist, to say the least. "

"The percussion and double bass were given enough weight and punch to make the dynamics of the recording sound believable. The piano sound could hardly be reproduced with more power and refinement."

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