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COPLAND CTA407 review

RRP 9,900 AUD

The Copland CTA407 is a high-end tube amplifier designed for audiophiles who demand exceptional performance from their audio equipment. This amplifier features a fully balanced circuit design and employs four KT150 power tubes, delivering a powerful, dynamic, transparent, and accurate sound.

One of the critical features of the CTA407 is its advanced power supply design. The amplifier uses a dual-mono transformer design that provides separate power supplies for the left and proper channels, ensuring maximum channel separation and minimal crosstalk between channels. This results in a wide and deep soundstage with excellent imaging and detail.

The CTA407 also features several user-selectable options, allowing users to customise the amplifier's performance to their specific preferences. The amplifier offers a choice of four different input impedance settings, allowing users to match the amplifier to their source components for optimal performance. It also features a selectable triode/ultra-linear mode, allowing users to choose between a more relaxed, "tube-like" or a more dynamic, "solid-state" sound.

The CTA407 is built to the highest standards in terms of build quality, with a chassis made from heavy gauge aluminium and a faceplate made from solid stainless steel. The amplifier is hand-built in Denmark using the highest quality components and is designed to provide years of reliable and trouble-free service.

The Copland CTA407 is an exceptional amplifier with outstanding performance and flexibility. Its advanced circuit design, user-selectable options, and high-quality construction make it an excellent choice for serious audiophiles who demand the best from their audio equipment.

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