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COPLAND CTA407 Integrated Amplifier review @ HiFi+

Experience reviewer Ed Selley known for his contribution to HiFi Choice, HiFi News and HiFi+ had the Copland's top of the range all tube integrated amplifier CTA407 in his reference system for the review published in HiF+ magazine.

"What the CTA407 does is replace both the 405a and the CTA408. The supplied 6550s can be substituted for any member of the KT88/90/120/150 family, and they will work without the need for any forced cooling, no mean feat for a completely enclosed amp. The four 6550s supplied will give you an entirely unstressed output of 50 watts into 8 ohms, but considerably more would be available from the bigger valves. The preamp section comprises a pair of 12BH7s and a solitary ECC83."

"It’s these deeper sounds where the Copland is in its element because it has an utterly unflappable grip on the bottom end. Beyond out and out depth, there is a texture and detail to what the CTA407 does that isn’t ‘good for a valve amp’; its level of authority frequently eludes amplifiers full stop. "

"He’s a vibrant, tangible presence around which the music builds, and there is a space around the whole performance that extends beyond the speakers and is positively immersive. It grows and shrinks effortlessly with the material being played, neither lending unwanted scale to smaller pieces nor constraining larger ones. "

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