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Copland CSA 70 Integrated Amplifier

Copland CSA 70 Integrated Amplifier

6 December 2021

The Copland Audio CSA 70 is a stereo integrated amplifier that features a selection of analogue and digital inputs. Although we haven’t tested as many of these in 2021 as we did in 2020, it’s still now the type standard for this sort of device and, based on a calm appraisal of the specification, nothing about it stands out as terribly unusual. For all that though, it’s notable in a few ways.

The review concludes: “This is a truly magnificent amplifier and the current Best in Class”.

AVForums announced the winners of its annual Editor’s Choice Awards last week, and the CSA70 picked up two Awards! Not only has it won Best Aspirational Stereo Amplifier, it has also been crowned the overall Hi-Fi Product Of The Year!

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