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Copland Announces New CSA70 Integrated Amplifier

Copland Announces New CSA70 Integrated Amplifier

3 November 2021

The new integrated amplifier shares much of the technology and features list of its bigger brethren while, however, eschewing the others’ valve hybrid design usually embodied in the preamplification stages. The CSA70’s input stage’s circuitry is pure solid state rather than valve-based. Having said that, Copland has incorporated a single 6922 valve for the built-in phono stage.

The amplification stages offer the same technology as the upper tier models with a reduced output power rating. So, on offer is a still-solid 70 watts per channel into 8 ohms while the 4 ohms figure is quoted as 130 watts with the inclusion of Copland’s proprietary “feedback structure” which is said to provide wide frequency response and minimal distortion. Input options are rather generous, with a selection of three line level inputs, a Moving Magnet (MM) phono input and a line and pre-out outputs (all unbalanced RCA). In addition, the CSA70’s fascia houses a 6.3mm headphone jack output with 22dB of gain and 100 ohms load impedance.

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