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Bergmann Audio Galder & Odin - “The Olympus of perfection”

Dear Friends! We have had a handful of great reviews again, this year. Among is the review in Audio Gallery, by Andrea della Sala. Bergmann Audio Galder/Odin turntable system is on the cover with the headline: “The Olympus of perfection”, and called “The egg of Columbus”. Mr. della Sala really got the point of the full Bergmann technology. Enjoy a few lines: Galder & Odin in “Audio Gallery”, by Andrea della Sala: …"Conclusions: What can you say about a record player that attempts to summarise and surpass technological surpassing of everything that has represented years, for many high-end manufacturers, the most esoteric level to aspire to? Well, the mission is certainly accomplished.

Galder, with its Odin arm, takes no prisoners. It tracks impeccably, without the slightest creeping noise, and it ensures a constant rotation (measured several times and with different methods) and above all, it overwhelms with a lively, pulsating musicality, a vibrant musicality despite being one of the most linear, transparently controlled turntables yours truly has ever heard. This Danish combo plays on another level, namely the strictest adherence to the content recorded on the disc, without forgetting its analogue nature. That seems to me to be the egg of Columbus..." “…in the case of the turntable I present to you today, not only the performance is at an almost unprecedented level, but the construction brings together practically all the knowledge developed over seventy years of great music on vinyl…”

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