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Ayre CX-8 CD Player impresses again!

RRP 8,700 AUD

This year Ayre Acoustics will celebrate its thirtieth birthday and mark three decades of designing brilliant hi-fi electronic masterpieces loved and enjoyed by many fortunate audiophiles around the world. Founded in Boulder, Colorado by Charles Hansen, who was chief designer at Avalon Acoustics prior to deciding to establish a new company and focus his energy in to manufacturing world-renowned solid-state hi-fi components.

Ayre CX-8 CD Player receives the prestigious “Applause Award” from StereoNET’s Paul Sechi in the UK, who described CX-8 CD as follows:

"Musically, then, the CX-8 is superb. It has the speed to burn, a weighty yet taut bottom end and a finely carried, transparent midrange. Then there’s its deftness with the overall flow of the music – including the textures of the notes, how they are played or sung, and how they separate from others. It’s also particularly good at recreating the scale of the musical performance..."

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