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Ayre Acoustics CX-8 CD, KX-8 and VX-8 review by Michael Lavorgna

Another brilliant review of CX-8 CD Player, KX-8 Preamplifier and VX-8 Power Amplifier from Ayre Acoustics Series 8, by highly respected and experienced HiFi reviewer Michael Lavorgna at Twittering Machines.

Ayre Acoustics Series 8 combo wins "TM FAVORITE" award !

"In my experience, the most compelling gear transcends Class, topology, and type to leave us in the presence of music seemingly unadorned. As if our hifi opens a giant door through which we fall into the world of song."

"...the Ayre KX-8 preamp and VX-8 power amp offer a very compelling view onto what ever music I sent their way through three pair of speakers—the YG Summit, Rockport Atria II, and the Barn resident DeVore Fidelity O/96."

"I’m going to focus on the pre/power combo, KX-8/VX-8, to get things going as their voice remained consistent with each pair of speakers with one standout quality, and it’s something I’ve come to expect from Ayre—a silky smooth yet highly resolving presentation—that acts as invitation to explore music as deeply and thoroughly as your time and attention allow. This kind of sound is something the hifi generalizer might typically attribute to tubes but as the KX-8/VX-8 prove, you don’t need tubes to avoid glare or a metallic sheen that can come with some solid state gear."

" I will share that the Atria II offer stunning resolution that exceeds every speaker I’ve reviewed in Barn to date. Stunning resolution, and the Ayre KX-8/VX-8 combination brought out this quality and more with no qualifiers needed, which is about as high praise as I can think of for a pre/power combination that cost about 1/3 the price of the Rockports."

"With the YG Summit, the Ayre KX-8/VX-8 combination brought these 3-way bruisers to rich, full life in Barn, offering music-inspired full range power, purity, and delicacy. "

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