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Aqua Acoustic Quality La Diva M2 CD transport review by Hi-Fi+

Another winner from Aqua Acoustic Quality and fantastic review of La Diva M2 CD transport by experienced HiFi reviewer Jason Kennedy at hi-fi+ .

"La Diva M2 looks exactly like its predecessor, which is very good indeed, it simply oozes quality with attention to detail at a very high level, and fit and finish in the premier league (music loving footballers take note)."

"La Diva M2 is very clear and definite in its presentation; there is no vagueness or blurring of leading edges and transients, and it seems a lot more calm and collected than the CD players I used in recent times. You really feel that, on the one hand, the noise floor is extremely low and on the other, that the transport is extracting an awful lot of what the disc has to offer."

"In contrast to streaming, where noise from a network connection can be a concern, CD's primary advantage lies in its origins from an era when such audio complexities didn't exist, developed in a cleaner electrical environment. While players still contend with mains-related noise, which has undeniably increased, it's rare to encounter a streamer with sonic backgrounds as quiet as those achieved by La Diva M2."

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