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Aqua Acoustic Quality La Diva M2 CD transport review by SoundStage! Australia

Edgar Kramer from SoundStage! Australia had fantastic AQUA La Diva M2 CD transport in his system for a detail review.

To make things more interesting we provided Edgar with AQUA Formula xHD DAC for his pleasure!

"La Diva M2 follows the design language common to all of Aqua’s (for short) components and which distinguish them from any other manufacturer’s. There’s the signature curved-top fascia, the high quality old school – and very cool – metal ‘flick’ switches, the conical rubberised feet, the solid-as build standard and that gorgeous anti-resonant grey Nextel finish I haven’t seen in an audio component since… I don’t know when."

"For a component with a singular disc-spinning purpose, La Diva M2 is a powerhouse of connectivity options. The rear panel offers a stream of choices to interface with other brands’ digital-to-analogue converters as well as Aqua’s own highly acclaimed units."

"There’s a terrific immediacy to the sound of La Diva M2, it manages a portrayal of music which grabs the listener’s attention. The low-level details of the various instruments painting the musical backgrounds on “Sons and Daughters” were superbly delivered by La Diva M2 – nothing escapes the sweet detail retrieval of this CD transport."

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