• Review Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 XD


    Review Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 XD

  • Lumin P1 streaming D/A preamplifier review by Stereophile


    I start this review with a confession. I have consistently found that when I play CDs on a transport and feed the digital data via AES3 (AES/EBU) to a D/A processor, the music has more drive, particularly at low frequencies, than it does when I send the same 16/44.1 data to the same D/A processor via my network.

  • Copland CSA70 Integrated Amplifier Review by Hifinews


    Hot on the heels of its tube hybrid integrated comes this altogether cooler solid-state amplifier from Danish brand Copland. It packs on the style while also packing a punch.

  • LUMIN P1 Network Player Review by Stereonet


    The new LUMÏN P1 is a technical tour de force that promises to become the digital hub for your audio-visual system. Priced at $14,900 in Australia, it is not for the faint-hearted, but to think of it as simply a network music player is selling it short.

  • The Harbeth 40.3 XD Speakers | Review by Tonepublications


    Past experience with the smaller Harbeth speakers has always played to smaller music. You can’t crank up Led Zeppelin, or Tool on a pair of C7s to the point where it is convincing. As a Harbeth owner, honestly, I’d rather play “The Rain Song” on my JBL L-100 Classics than my C7s, good as they are. Switch it up to Crosby, Stills, & Nash, or Joni Mitchell and the Harbeths prove more engaging. Much more engaging. Choices, choices.

  • Harbeth C7ES-3 XD Loudspeakers | Review by Parttimeaudiophile


    It’s been about fourteen years since the first time I heard any Harbeth—an earlier version of the legendary Compact 7, by the way—and it’s been at least a dozen years since I reviewed the Monitor 40.2s (and instantly declared them one of my favourite speakers of all time, something that may still be true). After that, years of practically nothing.

  • Copland CSA70 Integrated Amplifier Review by Stereonet


    Copland’s new CSA70 is a solid-state amplifier delivering a claimed 70W per channel into 8 ohms and 130W into 4 ohms. It sports three unbalanced analogue line inputs, MM phono stage, coaxial, optical, and USB digital inputs via a built-in DAC, plus a headphone socket.

  • Kudos Cardea Super 10A Loudspeakers review by Hifi Pig


    "As Kudos state in their promotional material, the Cardea Super 10A’s just sound right. In other words, you just plonk them down on good stands and with a good system they’ll sing all day long."

  • Kudos Audio arrives Down Under at Audio Magic By Whathifi


    British-made loudspeaker brand finally available in Australia

  • Rogers E20a/ii Integrated Amplifier By Soundstageaustralia


    The control options are bare-boned. A simple set of twin knobs allotted to volume control and input selection flanking the circular infrared receiver window mentioned above are the only functional components in the chiselled and 18mm thick anodised front panel.

  • The SoundStage! Australia Products Of The Year Awards 2021


    So, dressed in the fresh hues, we announce the soon-to-arrive Festive Season and New Year with the SoundStage! Australia Products of the Year Awards 2021! Again, this year presents an exciting mix of exceptional products, each making their own powerful statement of excellence while standing at the frontline of their market space. A thorough and systematic examination of all the products reviewed throughout 2021 led to the final listing and the awardees’ alphabetical allotment into our unique categories.

  • Tellurium Q Blue II Cables Review by Hifipig


    “Tellurium Q Blue II offers a fantastic and great value upgrade for those looking for good sounding and well put together loudspeaker and interconnect cables. They have a balanced and pleasing sound to them that allows you to enjoy the music without wanting to dissect it or feel that you are missing anything. They are still in the system if that is any indication.” Stuart Smith, HiFi Pig.com

  • Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 XD review by Whathifi


    Harbeth tricks me every time. Every time the courier delivers a pair of Harbeth loudspeakers for review, I prepare to lift the first carton by bending my knees and keeping a straight back, then when I lift, I end up virtually launching the carton towards the ceiling, so light-weight is the speaker inside it.

  • Copland CSA 70 Integrated Amplifier Review by Avforums


    The first UK review of the CSA70 is out now. AVForums, the UK’s second most visited specialist website on the subject of audio/AV equipment (after What Hi-Fi?) with around 3.3m unique visits per month, has awarded the CSA70 a super-rare score of 10/10 and a Best in Class badge.

  • StereoNET Product Of The Year Awards 2021


    It's been a funny old year for most of us, but the hi-fi world hasn't stood still – and there's been a plethora of exciting new products to try and sometimes even buy. In StereoNET's 2021 Awards, we list all the hi-fi, AV and portable designs that we loved in the past twelve months, across an even wider range of categories than last year.

  • Rogers AB3a Subwoofer reviewed by Hifinews


    What you get are sized exactly like the Rogers AB3a's quarter-century-old antecedent, but the rear-firing driver count has doubled, each cabinet now hosts a 50W amplifier, and the look is vastly more refined.

  • Copland CSA 70 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed by Avforums


    The Copland Audio CSA 70 is a stereo integrated amplifier that features a selection of analogue and digital inputs. Although we haven’t tested as many of these in 2021 as we did in 2020, it’s still now the type standard for this sort of device and, based on a calm appraisal of the specification, nothing about it stands out as terribly unusual. For all that though, it’s notable in a few ways.

  • Harbeth Audio M30.2 XD Loudspeaker Reviewed by Audiophilia


    Throughout my time in audio, I’ve often heard people wax poetic about the so-called ‘British’ sound. I think everyone has their own (often contradictory) description of what this term means.

  • Bergmann Audio Galder turntable & Odin tonearm - Reviewed by Stereophile


    I've been looking at Bergmann turntables at audio shows ever since the launch of the Sindre 10 years ago. (It's named for Sindri, a dwarf in Norse mythology who created a gold ring for the chief god, Odin, who is associated with wisdom, healing, super-expensive cables, and other mostly positive attributes.

  • Ayre Acoustics EX-8 2.0 Integrated Hub D/A integrated amplifier - Review by Stereophile


    The EX-8 Integrated Hub is a high-end contender at a competitive price." With its substantially updated design, the EX-8 2.0 should be even better. So, is it?

  • Copland Introduces CSA70 Integrated Amplifier - Review by Stereonet


    Danish audio specialist Copland Audio has announced its more affordable and entry-point CSA70 Integrated Amplifier.

  • Copland Announces New CSA70 Integrated Amplifier - Review by Soundstageaustralia


    Copenhagen’s audio specialist Copland opens-up a new entry-point to its highly acclaimed integrated amplifier offerings in the freshly-launched CSA70.



    The Magne turntable was launched in 2011. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary, Bergmann offer 10 numbered and signed Gold plated Magne units.

  • Introducing Copland CSA70 Integrated Amplifier


    The Copland CSA70 provides four digital inputs, three analog inputs, a line-out function, as well a pre-out terminal, front-facing 6.3mm headphone output, and a 70 Watts per channel power amplifier that will surprise users who thought their speakers were power-hungry.

  • Rogers LS 5/9 Loudspeakers Review by Australian Hi-Fi


    Rogers was founded in the UK in the 1970s by Jim Rogers and, back in the day, was one of the top-three speaker manu- facturers in the UK, not least because the company owned licences to sell speakers designed by the British Broadcasting Corporation, of which the tiny shoebox-sized LS 3/5A is probably the best-known and is certainly the best-selling of the BBC designs.

  • Tellurium Q Black II RCA interconnect Review by Hi-fi Choice


    WHEN CREATING ITS cables Tellurium Q prioritises research that focuses on the nature of electric signals, physical phenomena and choice of materials. The Black II is an evolution of the Black interconnect and features a number of design changes, the details of which the company is keeping under its belt as it wants the performance to speak for itself. The price remains unchanged from its predecessor and for review purposes, we have both the original Black and new Black II.

  • Tellurium Q Black II RCA Review by Chris Kelly


    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is clearly not a phrase in Geoff Merrigan’s language library, and we should all be grateful for that. The original Black interconnect was by no means broken, but Geoff set himself the task of improving it and I would say that he has more than achieved his objective… I then switched the cables and with the Mk IIs firmly plugged in sat down and played these albums again. I was open minded of course, but I thought it would be a surprise if I could hear much difference…In fact all five test records sounded better with the Mk II cables.” Chris Kelly, The Ear

  • Hana Umami Red MC Phono Cartridge Review by Stereonet


    As Compact Disc took over in the nineteen-eighties, it followed the market into audio and video accessories, like some of its fellow Japanese rivals. Yet the vinyl revival finally caused Excel to get back into pick-up cartridges, and production was restarted in 2015. The Hana brand was introduced, this time to make high end moving coils, with the company’s owner Masao Okada heading up the design team. The Hana Umami Red you see here is the company’s flagship product.

  • Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 XD review by Whathifi


    With miraculous midrange, deceptively strong bass for the speaker's size, and clear treble, these magical speakers from Harbeth make you feel as if you're listening to the real thing. FOR - Sounds like live, Midrange accuracy, Ultra-clean bass

  • Harbeth Monitor 30.2 review by Whathifi


    The M30.2 speaker is an upgraded version of Harbeth’s M30.1 Do listen to the Harbeth Monitor 30.2s, because you may well decide you prefer the sound of the Harbeth Monitor 30.1s

  • Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Review by HF&MS


    I have the Tellurium Q Black II cable and the Tellurium Q Ultra Black II. The Ultra cable sits to the top of the middle of the product lines offered by Tellurium Q offering the listener the opportunity of, simply unlocking what a well-balanced system can do. - By Simon Wilce

  • Copland CSA-150 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier Review by Hifiplus


    EQUIPMENT REVIEW / COPLAND CSA-150 - “In short, the Copland starts singing from the opening bars of music and has a certain clarity of purpose.”

  • Copland CSA150 Integrated Amplifier Review by Hifinews


    Danish brand Copland beefs-up the power supply to its all-singing, all-dancing CSA100, crowning its range of tube hybrid integrated amplifiers with this heavyweight model.



    Looking to upgrade your budget speaker cables? Paul Rigby reviews a possible contender, the latest version of the Ultra Blue IIs.

  • Harbeth C7ES-3 XD review by Tone Publications


    Listening to the gentle interplay of Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway on their classic track, “Where is the Love?” its panoramic presentation plays to the strength of Harbeth’s latest version of their ever popular Compact 7 monitor.

  • Harbeth Super HL5 Plus XD loudspeaker by - fidelity-online


    The Harbeth loudspeaker is a no-nonsense speaker that just plays well. It mercilessly reveals the quality of the connected devices, but never sounds "wrong". In addition, so wonderfully timeless that it will always remain modern.

  • Rogers LS5/9 Classic SE Loudspeaker by hifinews


    One cannot but think of the notion that 'Once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern'. Following the revived 1970s JBLs and Rogers' return to LS3/5A manufacture [HFN Jul '19], the arrival of a dead-accurate, reborn BBC LS5/9 as part of Rogers' 'Classic' range is further proof that a trend is under way. All those Instagram images of systems made up of 50-year-old components tell us the past is back with a vengeance.

  • Copland Audio CSA150 Integrated Amplifier Review by Stereonet


    Copland has chosen an ESS9018 DAC working in quad mode mono configuration, which offers PCM decoding up to 32-bit, 384kHz resolution, and DSD. You get chunky binding posts around the back, plus sockets for its four analogue inputs, four digital ins, a moving magnet phono stage, a tape loop, and Bluetooth.

  • Tellurium Q Black II XLR - Review


    Any HiFi systems consist of interconnections, or cables, between the elements and we know that cables can act as electronic filters affecting output like tone controls on an amplifier, for example. The key to a decent system is to minimise these filters affecting performance.

  • Tellurium Q Ultra Blue/Ultra Blue II speaker cables - Review


    “The soundstage has great depth, but appears wider with the Ultra Blue II…Overall, the top end of the Ultra Blue II is more elegant and the bass punchier.” Neville Roberts, HiFi Choice

  • Rogers E20a/ii Amplifier Landing Review


    As good a match as the E20a/ii is with Rogers designs, the amplifier is capable of performing with any loudspeaker with appropriate sensitivity and impedance characteristics.

  • Tellurium Q Black II Interconnect Cables - Review by Hifipig


    "I had hoped at last to be able to find faults in a Tellurium Q cable, but that was never going to be the case here. This was an excellent all-rounder with excellent speed and precision. Working at all frequencies and all types of music excellently it opened up the music in a way that many other companies can only dream of, that focus on phase relationships doing its thing. This worked so well with different systems and I would heartily recommend having a listen, however expensive your system is. This cable is that good.” Janine Elliot, HiFi Pig,

  • Rogers LS3/5A SE loudspeakers - Review


    Rogers already makes standard 15-ohm versions of the LS3/5A, using new versions of the 19mm Mylar dome tweeter and 110mm Bextrene mid-bass cone originally made by KEF.

  • Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 XD Loudspeakers - Review by Whathifi


    It’s very appropriate that the Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 XD speakers are distributed in this country by AudioMagic because these are magic-sounding speakers indeed! The midrange is truly miraculous, the level of bass from such a small cabinet/driver combo is magical, and the way the speakers reveal the highest treble sounds without etching it is also clever. But by far the biggest trick these speakers pull off is making you think you’re listening to the real thing. Amazing! ~ Hugh Douglas

  • Harbeth SHL5plus XD Loudspeakers - Review


    The quality of the workmanship is evident from the moment you set eyes on these speakers and that perception is reinforced even further when you touch and handle them. Every surface is flawless, indicating that you indeed got yourself a high quality product.

  • Rogers LS5/9 Classic SE - standmount loudspeaker


    Many working in the BBC acknowledged that, in reality, the baby LS3/5A was not up to the job; indeed its ‘3’ designation indicates that it is only a Grade Two monitor and should not be used for the final balance of transmitted material.

  • Tellurium Q has just been honoured with the Queen’s Award


    Now in its 55th year, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious business awards in the UK, with winning businesses able to use the esteemed Queen’s Awards emblem for five years.

  • Review: TelluriumQ Black II, Blue Diamond and Ultra Black II Speaker Cables


    Tellurium Q is a UK-based audio cable manufacturer in the Southwest of England whose focus is primarily on minimizing phase distortion.

  • Rogers Hi-Fi iconic BBC speakers


    How Rogers Hi-Fi is bringing back some iconic BBC speakers

  • Galder & Odin Gold Edition


    24 Carat luxury in design and sound

  • Hana Umami Red Review


    Under the Hana brand, the developers of the Japanese cartridge manufacturer Excel Sound have slowly made their way from the bottom right up to the highest league.

  • The Magne turntable turns 10 in 2021


    Bergmann Magne turntable

  • Tellurium Q Ultra Blue II Loudspeaker Cable Review by Stereonet


    Tellurium Q Ultra Blue II Speaker Cable

  • Danish Designed & Manufactured Turntables Now Available In Australia


    Bergmann turntable available in melbourne

  • Copland Releases Flagship CSA150 Integrated Amplifier


    The top model in the new line of Copland CSA series amplifiers employs Copland's double triode gain stage with MOS-FET buffering - ensuring a tight interface between the tube and the solid-state parts of the amplifier, according to the company.

  • Copland CSA150 integrated amplifier 2x150W


    The CSA150 is the top model in the new line of Copland CSA series amplifiers.

  • Lumin U1 Mini review


    Lumin has not only garnered huge support from audiophiles right around the world in the relatively brief time its components have been available, but it’s also expanded its range dramatically so that it now caters for almost all applications and covers all price-points.

  • Ayre Acoustics KX-R Twenty / VX-R Twenty review


    What is the best amplifier in the world – and does such a thing even exist? Much depends on the definition of what ‘best’ actually means, and the context in which the amp is used.

  • Ayre Acoustics's full white paper on USB DAC technology!


    Ayre Acoustics, Inc. has been designing and building superior quality, award-winning audio and video equipment since 1993.

  • Download LUMIN App now available on App Store


    LUMIN App is now available on Apple silicon devices.

  • Harbeth SHL5plus XD Loudspeaker


    The definitive Harbeth loudspeaker delivers the ultimate high-end audio experience.

  • Hana Umami Red Cartridge review


    High-purity copper wire is used for the generator coils and the number of turns is reflected in a coil impedance of 6ohm

  • Copland CSA 100 review


    The Copland CSA 100 is a well-equipped and impressively capable amplifier. It’s one of the class leaders at this level.

  • Tellurium Q Blue II loudspeakers cable


    StereNet loudspeaker cable of the year Tellurium Q Blue II loudspeakers cable S

  • Rogers SoundStage award


    SoundStage network it is with great pleasure that I present the 'Hall of Fame' Award 2020 to the outstanding Rogers LS3/5a Classic loudspeakers.

  • Award for LUMIN U1 MINI ROAST Network Product of the Year.


    Award for LUMIN U1 MINI ROAST Network Product of the Year.

  • Copland CSA - 100 integrated amplifier review


    Copland CSA-100 delivers the highest level of sound quality, yet works smoothly, easily, without any fuss.

  • Harbeth 30.2 XD review Stereonet


    Lovely, LOVELY pair of speakers! Both in looks and sound! And a favourable and quite enticing review to boot!




  • Tellurium Q Blue II review StereoNet UK


    "Congratulations on achieving such an improvement and offering it for the same price!" [emailed comment from Stereonet, permission given

  • Tellurium Q Blue II review


    In conclusion, for each of the three types of cable, there are definite sonic improvements for the Blue II over its predecessors.

  • Ayre AX-5 Twenty Integrated Amplifier


    There was a lot of physicality to the proceedings, but Ayre's AX-5 Twenty was able to track the song's dynamics very well – resulting in a performance that was not just lively but downright compelling.

  • Tellurium Q has updated their entry-level cables, Janine Elliot compares the old with the new.


    Tellurium Q has updated their entry-level cables, Janine Elliot compares the old with the new.

  • Tellurium Q Blue II


    Tellurium Q Blue II is smooth, clear, soft, detailed, clean, natural, beautiful!



    The Audiophile Man review Tellurium Q Blue II Speaker cable

  • Hana ML review Stereonet


    Microline profiled style are a closer match to the cutting head of a vinyl mastering lathe than standard elliptical tips, making for superior detail retrieval.

  • Lumin U1 mini review HIFI Magazine AU


    You can now control volume using an innovative new digital volume adjustment algorithm called Leedh Processing that enables bit-perfect control

  • Hana ML review Stereonet UK


    Hana ML review Stereonet UK

  • Hana ML and MH review SoundStage Australia


    Hana ML and MH review SoundStage Australia

  • The Black and Black Diamond digital RCA (BNC) has just been reviewed by The EAR


    The Black and Black Diamond digital RCA (BNC) has just been reviewed by The EAR



    To answer this question, let’s take a look. HANA talks about the “synergy” and “artistry” in cartridge design that comes from knowing how to meld together the individual components to make a musically satisfying cartridge. Let’s look at the individual elements that make up the new HANA-Umami Red cartridge

  • THE-EAR review Copland CSA-100


    THE-EAR review Copland CSA-100

  • Copland Returns to Australia


    Copland Returns to Australia

  • Copland


    Copland in our distribution

  • What does High-end Audio mean to us?


    The terms High-end or High-performance audio have been used for decades

  • Digital Clocks | Pints with Ayre


    Ayre - Digital Clocks

  • Lumin D2 Hi-Hi News Review


    This is not quite the most affordable of Lumin's network-attached players, but the D2 looks good, is sensibly priced and – thanks to a super-slick app – is a delight to use too

  • Balanced Circuit Design | Pints with Ayre


    Ayre - Balanced Circuit Design

  • HANA ML review Part-Time Audio


    Like the ZYX and the Sumiko, the Hana ML was such a stellar performer that I immediately wanted to grab a big-dollar cartridge for review, something at least $3000 to $5000 or more, to see what I was missing. I’ve owned and used plenty of expensive cartridges over the years, including two Koetsu and of course my reference Transfiguration Axia. Where did this $1200 cartridge fall short?

  • Ayre Acoustics EX-8 Integrated Amplifier Review


    Ayre Acoustics EX-8 Integrated Amplifier Review

  • Lumin X1


    Once one tries navigating music with the Lumin, there's no turning back

  • Lumin X1 NEW Network Player Once one tries navigating music with the Lumin, there's no turning back


    Once one tries navigating music with the Lumin, there's no turning back

  • Lumin X1 NEW Network Player Once one tries navigating music with the Lumin, there's no turning back


    Once one tries navigating music with the Lumin, there's no turning back

  • Ayre EX-8 review What HiFi


    "Sound quality was clean and dynamic..."

  • Ayre Acoustics says its EX-8 is an “Integrated Hub”.


    Ayre Acoustics says its EX-8 is an “Integrated Hub”. I know. I too wondered what an ‘integrated hub’ might be, having never previously heard of such a component. ....As well as give them an idea of what type of amplification might also build in.

  • Lumin X1 review by Alan Sircom HiFi+ UK


    Lumin X1 review by Alan Sircom HiFi+ UK “The difference between ‘domestic’ balanced and ‘pro’ is the use of balancing transformers in the signal path.”

  • Tellurium Q Ultra Black 2 DIN - RCA Phono cable


    This is another for the brand new tonearms cable: "While many similar tonearm cables from this price point do well to translate both detail, bass grunt and clarity, the Ultra Black II really did take all three areas onto a new level. " Paul Rigby, theaudiophileman.com

  • Ayre QB-9 Twenty review


    “The QB-9 Twenty really surprised me by how great it sounds in my system. I say surprised because I've been listening to reference level DACs for quite a while from the likes of dCS (Rossini), EMM Labs (DV2), and Berkeley Audio Design (RS3), and the QB-9 Twenty absolutely held its own against these guys and delivered a level of performance that it had no right to deliver.”

  • Rogers LS3/5a Stereophile 01/04/2020


    In my January 2020 Listening column, I wrote about a place where three things overlap: the joys (and benefits) of being a record collector, the natural tendency to grow and challenge ourselves as listeners, and the need to forgive ourselves for the shortcomings of our youth.

  • HiFi Plus 21st Anniversary award we have just won. Tellurium Q Statement cables


    HiFi Plus 21st Anniversary award we have just won. Tellurium Q Statement cables

  • High Performance, High-Value Hana ML and MH Cartridges


    High Performance, High-Value Hana ML and MH Cartridges

  • LUMIN T2 Network Player Review


    The LUMÏN T2 network player is one of the best streamers at its price then and is also easy to use. T2 is stable in operation and very good built. Effectively a scaled-down version of the flagship Lumin X1, you get an awful lot for your money – and as such comes warmly recommended.

  • Great review of the Ultra Black II comparing it to the old Ultra Black RCA.


    Great review of the Ultra Black II comparing it to the old Ultra Black RCA. “Tellurium Q's new Ultra Black II is something special at the price. It has insight, grip and focuses that you usually have to pay a lot more for – allied to an impressive lack of colouration and dramatic dynamics.” David Price, Stereonet Thank you Stereonet

  • Ayre KX-R and VX-R review What HiFi


    What is the best amplifier in the world? Does such a thing even exist? Much depends on the definition of what ‘best’ actually means, and the context in which the amp used. But if sonic honesty and engineering integrity are anywhere near the top of your priorities – and the hefty price doesn’t make you baulk – we think this Ayre pre/power pairing is in with a big shout. It’s certainly the most insightful amplifier we’ve reviewed in years.

  • Ayre EX-8 review HiFi Magazine Australia


    Interconnectedness, easy operability, excellent sound quality and attractive exterior make the Ayre EX-8 worthy of your consideration

  • REVIEWS Rogers LS3/5a Classic Loudspeakers


    REVIEWS Rogers LS3/5a Classic Loudspeakers




  • Audiophile Best Product of the Year Award 2019-2020.


    We have just found out that the Ultra Black II RCA interconnects and the Ultra Black II speaker cable have won the Audiophile Best Product of the Year Award 2019-2020. They reference the "naturalness of the cable" in their conclusions. We will hopefully have a pdf of the award at some point but for now, there is a couple of images attached for you to use freely and share with your customers.

  • Best analogue cables 2019 and what a conclusion.


    Best analogue cables 2019 and what a conclusion. “It is difficult to think about any type of product that has that big an impact on my review system ever let alone in the last year.” Terry Ellis, Pursuit Perfect System

  • Lumin X1 Network Player Reviewed


    Specifications of the Network player Lumin X1, you quickly get the idea that this network streamer is making a case to not only compete with (and maybe beat?) the most elite streamers available today, but also those likely to come over the next several years. First, Lumin keeps power outside the streamer's chassis with a dual toroidal external AC-to-DC power supply. The external power supply is also available as an upgrade for Lumin S1, A1, U1, and T1 owners with its connection cable included.

  • Lumin X1 review The Absolute Sound


    "Low-level detail through the Lumin X1 was also as good as I’ve heard from any digital source, any time, any place... I was impressed by the system’s ability to retain not only proper pitch but also the texture of the bass." "Not only is the X1 a first-class component, but the support behind the Lumin is also as stellar as the unit itself." "Outstanding... gets everything right and does it all with style"

  • Tellurium Q Ultra Black 2 - Product of the Year 2019.


    We have just received a third Product of the Year Award! This time for the Ultra Black II speaker cable.

  • Rogers LS5/9


    The new made-in-the UK speaker will feature several improvements that bring the classic design right up to the minute in terms of modern loudspeaker design.

  • Review of the Hana ML Low Output Moving Coil Cartridge


    Review of the Hana ML Low Output Moving Coil Cartridge

  • Tellurium Q Ultra Black 2


    "The performance of the Ultra Black II is not skewed by materials or shaped by pseudoscience..."

  • Lumin X1 review


    The Lumin X1 streaming DAC sits all by itself among the other Lumin products. It's the best product Lumin has made to date, by a wide margin.

  • Hana ML Review THE EAR


    The Hana M series cartridges cryogenically treated from the cantilever through high purity copper coils and out to the connecting pins, they also have Alnico magnets, luxuries not found in their more affordable counterparts. The Hana ML tracks at 2g and offers a 0.4mV output which should be sufficient for any MC stage but would require a step-up transformer if used with an MM phono amp.

  • Ayre QX-8 Review HIFI & Records


    A few weeks ago Ayre's new DXA and Streamer QX-8 was tested by HiFi & records magazine. "The QX-8 stands out in terms of sound with it's transparent, dynamic and tonally extremely finely graded presentation", the conclusion is. Author Marius Donadello also describes a feeling that we know only too well from listening with Ayre components: "The highly atmospheric style of the QX-8 puts me in a state of full attention while deep relaxation."



    If you are into vinyl and haven't been holed up in an Ecuadorian embassy for the last few years, the name 'Hana' will probably not have escaped your attention. Japanese expert brand making high performance moving coil cartridges is always halfway to the stuff of legend, but the fact these cartridges don't cost a small fortune helps cement that reputation firmly.

  • Review Tellurium Q ultra Black Speakers cable HIFI Knife


    “When playing the best live recordings, the Tellurium Q cable was able to convey the acoustics of the venue and vivid reactions of the audience in a very convincing way deepening the feeling of participation in the event….. I believe that for many people the Ultra Black II may be the end of their search for a still reasonably priced, high quality speaker cable”

  • Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 anniversary SoundStage review


    While the approach a designer adopts in the making of a loudspeaker may be different to peers from around the globe in terms of components used, construction methodologies, differing priorities etc., engineering principles are a converging factor no matter the designer’s in the UK. Having said that, a designer’s own aural biases, his/her interpretation, may differ and therefore diverge a speaker’s sonic tuning, sometimes dramatically.

  • The Pursuit Perfect System audio reviewer Terry Ellis


    The Pursuit Perfect System audio reviewer Terry Ellis, could not resist expressing his amazement by the effect Tellurium Q Statement cables had on the sound on his review system from the first hour. Set of speakers’ cables, power cable and interconnect Statement is what he got for a review and managed to acquire the best of Tellurium effect. Massive improvement, he states, in lots of ways compared to how the system was sounding before. The incredulity he is keen to share could be recognised with ease in his words “… the sound now is on a different planet, hence my excitement…I am speechless. These Statements are unbelievable, unbelievable…”.

  • Rogers distribution


    Audio Magic is bringing the Rogers of England distinguishable quality for the first time in Australia. ... Audio Magic is bringing the Rogers of England distinguishable quality for the first time in Australia. The tradition the brand carries has a 71 years stamp of experience incorporated. Rogers has been internationally synonymous with quality audio equipment since 1947. The founder, Jim Rogers, through his inspiration and inventive ideas, produced a sequence of consistently improved and refined products. This year, Rogers is relaunching some recognisable legendary products as well as some new ones. Already in our hands, the celebrated LS3/5A is available for an audition in our showroom!

  • The eminent BBC sound engineer as well as a talented multi-instrumentalist,


    The eminent BBC sound engineer as well talented multi-instrumentalist, Janine Elliott from HiFi Pig, had Tellurium Q middle range Ultra Black II XLR cables to compare with its predecessor, Tellurium Q Ultra Black XLR and few very best cables from other brands.

  • Another Audio Magic partner is celebrating its anniversary.


    Another Audio Magic partner is celebrating its anniversary.

  • Tellurium Q Ultra Black 2 review HIFI+


    “Tellurium Q Ultra Black II is a remarkably coherent and “well-timed” cable” Jason Kennedy, HiFi +

  • Ayre at Audio Magic AVHUB


    It is not uncommon, the key to the complex success to be described in simple words. Ayre’s vice president explains everything that Ayre Acoustic is doing with “the Charlie way”.

  • Hana ML Stereophile


    The success of a cartridge is to be comparable and competitive with a much costlier equivalent. Hana ML has been perceived by the relevant people in the industry as offering high value for the dollar, challenging and, even beating, in some parameters, much more expensive cartridges.

  • Ayre unboxing


    As previously announced, Audio Magic presenting the brand new look of the remarkable Ayre Acoustic in Australia. First few models are already with us and experiencing them, all I can say in one word, extraordinary. In the next period of time, Audio Magic will bring this product closer to the potential dealers and customers in a variety of different ways. Stay tuned for news.

  • Ayre DAC QB-9 upgrade


    Audio Magic, who has been recently appointed as the new Australian importer for Ayre Acoustics products, has announced the local availability of the company’s ‘Twenty’ upgrade for existing QB-9 DAC owners. Aligned with Ayre Acoustics ideology of long-term customer satisfaction and product longevity, the latest ‘Twenty’ circuit upgrades make for substantial improvements to the very popular QB-9, now to be known in its new livery as the QB-9 Twenty.

  • Ayre QB-9 Twenty Upgrade!


    Ayre QB-9 Twenty Upgrade!

  • Lumin U1 mini Soundstage Australia


    Lumin became a synonym for a fast-responsive reliable music player that gives the listener an opportunity to enjoy the favourite music. Recognising the potential, Audio Magic is trying to bring the brand closer to a broader audience. Besides the other forms of promotion, our objective is to reach people fascinated in the form of relevant reviews and share as more details as possible for the products.

  • EX-8, Ayre's single box streaming integrated amplifier


    Darko Audio Ayre review EX-8, Ayre's single box streaming integrated amplifier

  • Even though AX-5 Twenty looks just the same as its antecedents, says Art Dudley from Stereophile


    Even though AX-5 Twenty looks just the same as its antecedents, says Art Dudley from Stereophile

  • Stereophile review written by John Atkinson


    Stereophile review written by John Atkinson

  • Audio Magic is proudly announcing the start of distribution of Ayre for Australia


    Audio Magic is proudly announcing the start of distribution of Ayre for Australia

  • Boenicke speakers and Bentley Motors


    Boenicke speakers and Bentley Motors Looking for the exceptional and amazing In order to enrich the 100 year Anniversary gala of Bentley Motors and the subsequent London Press Club Ball in London, the organiser has selected Boenicke Audio along with another 4 top audio tech companies from around the world to be part of the event.

  • German LITE Magazin review Lumin U1 mini


    Nowadays, the extensive HiFi setup requires access to the modern world of streaming and the U1 Mini from Lumin is principally suitable for this. This compact dimensions Network player with a wide range of connectivity options and hi-res support enriches almost every HiFi chain with ease. Lumin characterise with a software their team developed for the range of products. At the same time, Lumin pays immense attention to the quality control performing 100-hours recording phase for each product before delivery. This way, one gets plug and play item in his hands. The overall enjoyment could be recognised in the words of the author “…So vivid can music sound when experts are at work… “ Read about all these facts and considerably more in details posted in the German “Lite Magazin” by Martin Sowa, by following this link:

  • US Hana distributor share a list of 7 top selling MC and there are 3 Hana models among those 7


    Last period of time, Hana M-series of cartridges were awarded with few very favourable reviews and those in British Hi-Fi Choice with “Hi-Fi Choice recommended” mark and Hi-Fi+ are worth to be revealed. Furthermore, US Hana distributor got a list of 7 top selling MC and there are 3 Hana models among those 7. As the matter of fact, first top rated are Hana cartridges.

  • Tellurium Q DIN to Phono tonearm Tellurium Q Statement cable, closest to the source


    Tellurium Q DIN to Phono tonearm Tellurium Q Statement cable, closest to the source The straight DIN plug incorporated into Tellurium Q Statement DIN to Phono tonearm cable, being the closest cable to the source provides enhanced structure of the soundstage. The highlights here are easy to be recognised in a rich and mature multi-layered sound and neutral presentation. This cable has a critical role in the process of passing the flying colours, reducing the noise and mounting the dynamic reach from the source.

  • Ultra Black II,Review


    Ultra Black II, upgraded version of the proven Ultra Black speakers’ cables, in all standard lengths are now available in the Audio Magic offer. These cables are with upgraded design that contributes to make the look of the entire hi-fi setup imperfectness free.

  • The Absolute Sound 40.2 review


    It is very hard to defend an update of already very popular edition, especially when it comes to the speakers and incredibly pedantic audiophile auditorium. The fact of certain model success, as it was the case with superior Monitor 40.2, leaves very narrow space for discussion, simple point, most of the possible variations have already reached the maximum.

  • Lumin D2, a surprising product in the range.


    Lumin D2, a surprising product in the range. Back in 2012 Lumin launched the first DSD streamer on the market and since then, works on improvement and enhancement of the network players to bring them as closer as possible to the audiophiles.

  • Image HiFi Multiple Product of the Year Award


    The silver cable has the ability to stop all muddy sounds that come in the way.

  • The experienced reviewer, Paul Rigby, 4th time in a row awarded Tellurium Q cable 10/10 exemplary score.


    The experienced reviewer, Paul Rigby, 4th time in a row awarded Tellurium Q cable 10/10 exemplary score.

  • Harbeth P3ESR Anniversary flabbergasts with high-end sound


    Harbeth P3ESR Anniversary flabbergasts with high-end sound

  • Unboxing Lumin U1 mini


    Just unboxed Lumin U1 mini

  • 12 of the weirdest turntables ever made


    12 of the weirdest turntables ever made “What HiFi”, the reputable on-line buyers guide, scoured the web to bring some of the weirdest, most interesting turntables’ designs from over the years. There is something for everyone, including a Lego turntable, an underwater deck as well as stylus less/laser beam record read turntable.

  • Tellurium Q Ultra Black II XLR


    When you are listening other XLR cables and then swap them with Tellurium Q Ultra Black II, the difference is not trivial. The usual clichés - veils lifting and all that good stuff comes true, what they bring to a system is addictive and irresistible.

  • Tellerium Q Silver Diamond, brings out the best of your system


    Tellerium Q Silver Diamond, brings out the best of your system Tellurium Q are a UK based company that are widely spread throughout the world despite being on the market for less than 10 years. During that time, the company has won over 40 awards for their high end products. Their products are sorted into three main groups: the blue, black and silver.

  • Lumin T2, reviewed by German Stereoplay


    Lumin T2, reviewed by German Stereoplay

  • Lumin X1, noteworthy music streamer


    Lumin X1, noteworthy music streamer, HIFI+ REVIEW

  • Tellurium Q premium, the Statement cables


    Tellurium Q premium, the Statement cables

  • Tellurium Q Ultra Black II speakers cable, perfect range enrichment


    Tellurium Q Ultra Black II speakers cable, perfect range enrichment




  • Tellurium Q Ultra Black II XLR and RCA


    Tellurium Q Ultra Black II XLR and RCA



    Announcing the new Tellurium Q. Statement RCA to DIN tonearm cable




  • Tellurium Q Ultra Black 2 review The-Ear


    However, whatever it is it works wonders. I have yet to hear a speaker cable which delivers timing like this one. I cannot quantify scientifically the difference between the two generations but if pressed I’d say they are 30 to 40 percent better. That is a big leap in performance.

  • Bauer Audio presentation at Norddeutsche HiFi show


    Bauer Audio presentation at Norddeutsche HiFi show

  • LUMIN U1 Review Audiophilestyle


    The setup of the U1 Network transport unit is pretty straight forward.

  • Second time in the row, Tellurium Q Statement cables were awarded editors’ choice, 2018 AND 2019.


    Second time in the row, Tellurium Q Statement cables were awarded editors’ choice, 2018 AND 2019.

  • Tellurium Q Black II, the Best Analogue Cable of 2018


    Tellurium Q Black II, the Best Analogue Cable of 2018

  • Hana SL


    A cartridge that will do justice to everything you listen to

  • Tellurium Q Statement product of the year 2018.


    Tellurium Q Statement product of the year 2018.

  • Tellurium Q Silver Diamond speakers cable - Soundstage Australia


    Great review, Tellurium Q Silver Diamond speakers cable - Soundstage Australia:

  • Bauer Audio DPS3


    Bauer Audio DPS3

  • New York Audio Show 2018.


    New York Audio Show 2018.

  • Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 is available to pre-order


    Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 is available to pre-order

  • Award for the Silver Diamond cables


    Award for the Silver Diamond cables

  • Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 40th anniversary edition in Australia


    The latest anniversary model is here

  • Lumin U1 mini: new network player!


    Huge specification in a compact package

  • Hana introduces the new “M” Series Deluxe cartridge


    Advanced materials and higher specifications

  • Lumin X1 gets a review at 6moons.com


    "No fuss, no muss. 21st century tech"

  • Amplifiers that “draws the listener deep into the music”


    Famous for its modular amplifiers, Vinnie Rossi is now ready for the new “big thing” – L2 signature preamp and monoblock!

  • The new Tellurium Q Statement catalogue available at our website!


    Everything about superb new cable series

  • Mag-Lev Turntable finally in Australia!


    Check out all the relevant info at Audio Magic

  • Lavardin Model ISx Reference gets a review in Australian Hi-Fi Magazine


    “Superb-sounding amplifier in every aspect”

  • Harbeth: The June newsletter


    Reviews, Live series, and many more

  • Harbeth: The spring newsletter


    From living rooms to most important hi-fi show in the world

  • Lumin X1: new cutting edge streamer!


    Available in Australia in September

  • Harbeth: April Newsletter


    Brand new stories about our favorite loudspeakers

  • TonTräger Audio available at Audio Magic


    High-end sound furniture for exquisite listening enjoyment.

  • Tellurium Q has received the Queen’s Award


    The highest official accolade for British business!

  • Bauer Audio presented in SoundStage! Australia


    One of the smaller specialists for turntables, but also one of the best

  • New Hana product on the way


    Great addition for mono-vinyl lovers

  • Tellurium Q: Another award for the Statement cable range


    „Dynamics, high-quality sound...“

  • Roon Nucleus available at Audio Magic


    Amazing software company made a new hardware to complete its solution for digital music

  • Harbeth Monitor 30.2 review in Stereophile


    "The most neutral, accurate, tuneful, fun, and music-loving stand-mounted two-way speaker I've heard“

  • Lumin T1: SoundStage! Australia review


    “Less complexity, more stability, easier access or better sound."

  • Harbeth awards: March overview


    A good month so far, for our favorite British loudspeaker manufacturer

  • Harbeth: February newsletter


    Latest news from our beloved speaker manufacturer

  • Tellurium Q Statement: Mono and Stereo review


    Not just one, but two awards!

  • Audio Magic at Australian Hi-Fi & AV Show 2018


    Our finest audio products at one place

  • Harbeth Monitor 30.2 on demo at SoundStage! Australia


    The review is coming soon!

  • Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 review


    Enthusiastic writing on great British loudspeakers

  • LUMIN D2: Dutch Review


    Magazine HiFi.nl have published the new review of our favorite new network player

  • Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Waveform HF gets a review


    Another superb point of view from HiFiKnights.com

  • Lavardin X Series: List of improvements


    French amplifier manufacturer writes about new models

  • Tellurium Q Silver II latest review


    “Very good definition and sound control”

  • New Lumin firmware available


    Software update for all streamers!

  • The first MAG-LEV Audio Turntable


    Demo series from Slovenian manufacturer coming soon

  • Harbeth LTD releases January newsletter


    Lively start to 2018

  • Stereo Times award for Tellurium Q cable


    The Black II speaker cable is Most Wanted Component AND Publisher's Choice

  • Amazing new Boenicke video


    Listening to music is more than having a great audio gear (VIDEO)

  • TonTräger audio boards on demo at Audio Magic


    Looking for a great match for your hi-fi components?

  • Tellurium Q Silver II speaker cable awarded


    Improved Silver II cable has just been received Equipment of the Year 2017-2018 Best Product category award

  • New Tellurium Q statement cable line


    Latest upgrade from British cable manufacturer

  • MAG-LEV turntables is getting ready for production and deliveries


    Most anticipated turntable in 2018. is just a few months away from end-users

  • Hana Cartridges reviewed at TNT-Audio


    Best value for money from the Japanese manufacturer

  • What HiFi? reviews Lavardin ISx Reference amplifier


    “ If you put sound quality first we can’t think of any that can match this Lavardin”

  • Lumin A1 review in Australian Hi-Fi magazine


    “A truly beautiful network music player… in every sense of that word”

  • TonTräger reference racks unpacking at Audio Magic


    Amazing audio boards have just arrived at our warehouse.

  • Lavardin Model ISx amazing review


    “It’s a great sounding amplifier that really changes your perceptions of what’s important in good sound"

  • Harbeth reveals new 40th anniversary speaker models!


    Smallest Harbeth – P3ESR – and a biggest one – Monitor 40.2 will be soon available in new finishes

  • CNET loves Harbeth Monitor 30.2!


    Take a lot at new review of amazing Harbeth Monitor 30.2, latest anniversary model of famous British loudspeaker manufacturer

  • Lio DAC


    Vinnie Rossi LIO DAC

  • Boenicke W8


    Highly Commended: Boenicke W8

  • Have you ever wanted to visit your favorite louspeakers factory?


    Have you ever wanted to visit your favorite louspeakers factory? VIDEO

  • HiFi+ UK: Boenicke are delighted about the editor’s choice award


    HiFi+ UK: Boenicke are delighted about the editor’s choice award

  • Lumin D2 - network player update!


    Update to hugely successful Lumin D1

  • The First Levitating Turntable


    MAG-LEV The First Levitating Turntable

  • Lumin M1 network player with SPECIAL GIFT!


    Lumin M1 network player with SPECIAL GIFT!

  • REVIEWS Harbeth P3ESR Loudspeakers


    REVIEWS Harbeth P3ESR Loudspeakers

  • MQA on LUMIN


    Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) arrives on LUMIN

  • Sydney HiFi Show 2017.


    Bauer Audio DPS3, Hana MC cartridge, Lavardin, Boenicke, Tellurium Q, Lumin, HiFi Racks, TonTrager

  • Lumin is now Roon ready


    LUMIN Firmware 8.01 is available now and contains Roon RAAT support.

  • Boenicke loudspeakers - new brand in our offer!


    Boenicke loudspeakers are available at Audio Magic and Stereophonic, Melbourne.

  • Audio Magic seeks for new dealers in Australia!


    Premium brands for your hi-fi store

  • Harbeth newsletter: January


    Latest news, awards, events and media attention for our favourite loudspeaker brand

  • Harbeth newsletter: December


    Latest news and awards for our favorite loudspeakers brand!

  • Harbeth Sunday at Class A Audio in Melbourne


    A special event dedicated to the legendary British loudspeakers brand Harbeth, will take place on December 6th 2015, 10:00AM-5:00PM, at Class A Audio in Melbourne.

  • Amazing Harbeth Super HL5 review in StereoNet Australia!


    Harbeth Super HL5 Plus loudspeakers, which are distributed in Australia by Audio Magic, got an amazing review in StereoNet Australia.

  • Harbeth newsletter: September


    Read about the latest reviews, promotions and awards for Harbeth loudspeakers.

  • Lavardin review in StereoNet Australia


    Read the article about the Lavardin Model IS amplifier

  • Harbeth newsletter: August


    New awards, new reviews, and great coverage of Australian activities!

  • Harbeth newsletter: April


    Celebrating two decades of Harbeth's unique cone material, and many other news.

  • Harbeth Super HL 5 plus - striking success all over the world


    This speaker creates a rich bass and sweet midrange that brings acoustic music alive.

  • Lavardin IT-15, one of the greatest amplifiers


    Lavardin created an amplifier perfect for most audiophiles and music lovers

  • Bauer dps - awarded turntable


    Bauer Audio's best known, hi-end product.

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