Pair of speakers Harbeth HL-Compact 7ES-3 Tamo Ash SE


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Pair of speakers Harbeth HL-Compact 7ES-3 Tamo Ash Anniversary

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The iconic Compact 7ES-3 loudspeaker is now available to pre-order in a stunning Tamo Ash wood veneer, with the additional enhancements of the Harbeths 40th Anniversary range including; the latest WBT-nextgen bind posts, British-made audio grade poly capacitors, and Harbeths 40th Anniversary ultra-pure OFC internal cable. Each speaker will also include the exclusive Harbeth 40th Anniversary front and back badges and the metallic black and gold anniversary grille badge.

Each celebratory model will also be packaged in our new Harbeth branded cotton bags.

Our cabinets are handmade and feature the finest veneers. Please note that veneers vary in both colour, shade and grain structure, particularly our eucalyptus veneer.

"Musicality, excellent 3D sound-staging, honest translating abilities, and timbral accuracy"
- Rafe Arnott, Part-Time Audiophile

"Harbeth HL Compact 7ES-3 is one of most unique systems the hi-fi market can offer today. On one hand, it follows traditions, on the other hand, it is a result of a very successful attempt to catch up with the progress. Indisputably, it is an elite product and needs no advertising. But respect to traditions at the time of changes can’t be overestimated. Rule, Britain! In the sound, you do it well!"

"Highly detailed, emotive sound. Easy to drive and to listen to. Sweet treble."
- Mark Gusew, Stereo Net

"The design and engineering of the Compact 7 is so solid and sophisticated... that it sounds absolutely wonderful, retaining its essential neutrality and natural tonal balance."

- The Absolute Sound

Transducer system 2-way vented: 200mm Harbeth RADIAL2™ bass/mid; 25mm Ferro-cooled dome tweeter with HexGrille
Freq. response 45Hz-20kHz +/-3dB Free space, grille on, smooth off-axis response
Impedance 6 ohms, easy to drive
Sensitivity 86dB/1W/1m
Connectors: WBT-nextgen
Power handling 150W programme
Dimensions (hxwxd) 520 x 272 x 305mm (+12mm for grille and binding posts)
Weight 13.2kg each, without packing

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